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Understanding formation and governance


– Creating a strong, sustainable non-profit

You want to fill a need in your community, but dealing with all the legal requirements seems overwhelming.   Organizing a bike drive for Christmas or feeding vulnerable families is a project you can tackle, but dealing with the IRS?  No thanks.   Here at the Law Office of Emily Cook, we are experienced at helping you lay a foundation that maximizes your mission and contemplates growth.  It is our passion to help you help others.  We can help you with required state and federal filings, obtaining tax-exempt status, establishing bylaws and forming a board. 

Get started changing the world, one community at a time.

Write down your dream mission, find two friends to join you and then reach out to us using the form below. We've helped put needed dollars into rural public school classrooms, provided a home for victims of domestic violence and created a community wellness program. Don't let another year go by without putting your fantastic idea to work serving your community. Start today and together we will make a difference.

We can help you with

  • Choice of corporate governance structure
  • State incorporation
  • Obtaining federal tax-exempt status
  • Mission statements
  • By-laws
  • Board governance
  • Ongoing nonprofit corporate governance needs