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Campaign finance

Getting involved in local, state and federal politics? Let us help you avoid some of the legal issues that politicians face.

– Protect yourself

You want your city council to stop raising your taxes.  Your school district is exposing your child to politically biased content.  You are concerned about how your grandchildren will be able to start and grow small businesses and live out their faith. 

So, you’ve decided to run for office.  Or maybe you’ve decided to organize your neighborhood against an unwanted regulation.   However, advocating for change is the easy part; it’s the myriad of local, state and federal rules restricting your ability to speak and freely assemble on issues you care about that’s the difficult part. 

We understand the importance of staying focused on winning, instead of worrying whether you’ve submitted the right paperwork to the right government authority at the right time.  We can guide you through how to legally raise and spend funds, required political disclaimers on advertising and filing reports in a timely manner.  We’ve helped Texas folks stay out of hot water while they’re successfully advocating in their communities from the smallest local level to statewide advocacy.  Fill out the form below to connect with our office.  

Don’t give your opponent fodder by an inadvertent campaign finance violation.  Work with us, keep your reputation spotless and change your corner of the world!