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Be like Sam and Jake! They just had their first baby and took the time to make sure everything was in place for their son should something happen to both of them.  Yes, discussing what happens to everyone and everything around you after you die is uncomfortable.  Newsflash: it’s going to happen!

Folks typically think of getting a will done as something you do when you’re “older,” typically at retirement age.  But the reality is, young families are the ones who benefit the most from making these arrangements ahead of time. Why is that?  Well, a duly-executed will is a vehicle to describe who you want to take care of your children.  Some parents whom I counsel are astonished as I start going down the list of family members a court would likely appoint should both of them pass away, if the parents don’t make their preferences known.

Additionally, maybe you are divorced and you want your ex-spouse to inherit under your will; perhaps you share minor children and this arrangement makes sense for your family.  Texas law treats ex-spouses differently, and so it’s imperative that you specifically sign a new will after the divorce decree in order for your ex-spouse to inherit. Another example:  Are you married with stepchildren whom you want to inherit from you?  You need a will.

Don’t put off something easy that can save your family much drama and heartache.  Schedule a quick phone consult (or come see us in person) by emailing Kerry at [email protected]. We can’t wait to help give you peace of mind and take care of your family.